Palazzo Callas

Palazzo Callas, in the central Carducci square.

Maria Callas continues to shine as the brichtest of stars int the vault of celestial opera. Born in New York on December 2 1923 she died in Paris on September 16, 1977. From 1950 to 1959 the famous soprano spent her lve at the side of her husband Giovan

Battista Meneghini in their villa in Sirmione to rest far from the wordly turmoil. Even if occasional, her stays in Sirmione confirmed the affection which attacted her to Catullus’ Peninsula where she would come “to fully enjoy this paradise, where Titta and I envisage spending our last days being buried.” Her last words to friend, just few days before er death, were: “I yearn for Sirmione”. Palazzo Callas rises in the central Carducci plaza in the historical center of Sirmione and you/he/she has been restructured by the Town administration of Sirmione to be destined to the hospitality of shows and great events today.



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