Church San Pietro in Mavino

The church San Pietro in Mavino is the most ancient church of Sirmione.

In 765 AD Cuninomodo, a member of the nobility, was ordered by the King Desiderio and Queen Ansa to donate his property to Sirmione’s basilicas and the Brescian monastery San Salvatore to expiate his guilt for a murder committed in Pavia’s royal palace. This is the period when San Pietro in Mavinas church was build ( the name probably comes from the Latin “ad summa vineas” meaning palce with the wineyards up high). The Roman bell tower was definited built at a later date, in two phases between the eleventh and twelth centuries, which is a when the frescos decorating the apses were painted. The church San Pietro in Mavino underwent restoration in 1320. The building was lifted and part od the facade was rebuilt. A great range of frescos were painted inside the church along the side walls. over the last two centuries the roof has been replastered (dated, as noted by a graffito, 1827).



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