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Enjoy typical food and wine in Sirmione on Lake Garda

Wine and food coming from the territory of Sirmione and Garda Lake reached for years the highest levels of quality and gained international recognition.

The wines produced on Lake Garda has the DOC identification but there are different types of wine here, the “Lugana” wine is the most famous.

Lake Garda is one of the most rated and popular areas of the world for the cultivation of olives and oil extraction, a practice that has developed on the lake since ancient times thanks to the mild climate and sunny days. The olives from the two rivieras, cultivated harvested and squeezed with special techniques, give an excellent oil with fine aroma and taste. Lugana wine is ideal with Lake Garda pike, carp and perch fish; many renowned restaurants prepare these fish according to delicious traditional recipes. It is possible to visit wine producers, which are often located in beautifully restored old cascinas, and learn about the wine and its production with wine tasting. Another strength is the enogastronomy in Sirmione Garda cuisine based on fish from the lake, great for the numerous and tasty local cuisine.

Fish, Olive Oil of Garda and Wine Lugana: the perfect trio

A trio for palates boundaries: the grilled whitefish topped with some olive oil Garda DOP accompanied by straw wine, Lugana. Wine, olive oil and fish: these are the typical products that the lake offers its residents and its visitors. The lake is full of fish, there are several varieties, ranging from the small bleak, from eating fried, the chub from the pulp tasty, passing carp, lake trout, whitefish and tench, main ingredient and fundamental eponymous risotto. From the lake we go to the mainland, where are cultivated olive groves, from whose olives produce the famous oil of Garda, which has received the PDO and that adds a unique touch to each dish, the more I know fi nosed the simple salad, It ‘a delicate oil , the oil of Lake Garda, which distorts the dish, but accompanies and enhances the flavors. A good plate of fish must be accompanied by a good wine. To lead the way between the lake and the hills moraine is the Lugana wine with a delicate bouquet and slightly golden color: tasting it feel the soul of this land, who live between land and water. Again this is the home of the Consorzio Grana Padano. The famous cheese aged 9 months can be eaten by itself, accompany your food or be the key ingredient of a recipe. Rice, grown a little ‘further south, away from the lake lands valances, is the star of many dishes, including the aforementioned tench risotto dish of bygone days, that you can not taste. And as you can conclude a good meal? With a glass of grappa Lugana, strong aroma of the skins of Trebbiano.

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