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Sirmione castle

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Piazza Castello, 34, 25019 Sirmione BS

The famous medieval castle that houses the ancient village is one of the most photographed monuments in the world

Sirmione castle, called Rocca Scaligera, is one of the most complete and best preserved in Italy. The fortified medieval centre is defended by the Scaligera Fortress, strategically positioned on the only point of access by the land. There are other similar fortress from the same period along the Verona side of the lake. Sirmione castle is one of the most cofotifications complete and best preserved in Italy.

The two crenellated towers stand out impressively, a symbol of the power of Mastino I della Scala who started the first phase of construction of the Fortress around 1259. The castle was once surrounded by fortifications covering a vast area of the peninsula. It has main courtyard with a main tower, three corner towers and two entrances. At a later date a secondary courtyard was added to the South of the main one as well as the small Southern entranceway. On a third occasion, building work was carried out for the dock and the third courtyard. The Fortress is sorounded by the water and is accessible today by the drawbridge. Visitors can climb the main tower by climbng 146 steps and from the patrol walkways can be reached.