Sirmione on stage

In the name of Maria Callas the puppet theater festival is renewed

Sirmione on stage, eight companies for eight shows; the historic Sirmione festival of puppetry: on the bill 8 companies under 35 selected by Maurizio Corniani will propose shows full of expressive contaminations, protagonists of a new, surprising, modern and exciting puppet theater. Now in its 22nd edition, the Sirmione in Scena puppetry festival takes on an important role within Sirmione Callas 21 • 23, the prestigious calendar of cultural initiatives conceived and organized by the Municipal Administration of Sirmione, which will of three years, music, art, photography and theater.

The review, which has obtained the patronage of the Italian section of the International Union of Puppets, will be followed by journalists from the National Theater Critics Association, who will amplify the value of the shows also in connection with the extraordinary places in which they will be staged.


5 July, 9:30 pm, Piazza Mercato: Once upon a time there was a waxed castle. The puppets of Mattia Zecchi
July 6, 9.30 pm, Lungolago di Lugana: Gioppino and the magic sword. Cristian’s puppets
12 July, 9.30 pm, Lugana lakefront: The tree of fortune. The puppets of Mattia Zecchi
13 July, 9.30 pm, San Vito Park: PuntinDelFaroBellaVistaSulMar. Silvia de Bastiani
19 July, 9.30 pm, Piazza Mercato: Meneghino in the kingdom of the Sempreallegri. Aldrighi puppets
July 20, 9:30 pm, Parco San Vito: Figurines. Tok workshops
July 26, 9:30 pm, Lungolago di Lugana: Another night. Marzia Pellegrini and Riccardo Trova
July 27, 9:30 pm Lungolago di Lugana: Shakespeare in socks, the greatest show ever. ILINX

2, 9, 16 and 23 August, 9.30pm, Parco Don Lino Zorzi: A swarm of puppets. Traveling puppets on 3 wheels and a bee. Corniani Theater Center


Monday 5 July 2021 at 9:30 pm, Piazza Mercato
Once upon a time there was a Cerato Castle
The puppets of Mattia Zecchi
The Divine emotion. Sirmione Callas 21 23
The Duke of Rosapina, a young heiress, is a rich and ruthless man. Always ready to fight and bully everyone to achieve his goals. Terribly stingy, he only cares about his wealth and money. Sandrone, his servant, is constantly trampled and humiliated by the Duke, who doesn’t care about anything or anyone.
Until, one day, the Arcane Magician will appear before him, who will condemn him to a terrible punishment. He will have to wander in his castle under the guise of a skeleton, until someone has the courage to shave him.
Fagiolino, poor, penniless and fleeing from the guards, will agree to attempt the enterprise to be able to save himself from jail. Will Fagiolino survive and will he be able to overcome this adventure too?

Tuesday 13 July at 9:30 pm, Parco San Vito
PuntinDelFaroBellaVistaSulMar – Postponed, due to bad weather, to Sunday 1st August in Lungolago di Lugana
Silvia de Bastiani
The Divine emotion. Sirmione Callas 21 23
Children want to go back to school. This is their story. They face summer to prepare for the reopening. Written in unsuspecting times, Puntindelfarobellavistasulmar anticipates what the spring of two thousand and twenty has marked in the lives of children all over the world. With a final revenge.

Monday 19 July at 9:30 pm, Piazza Mercato
Meneghino in the Kingdom of the Sempreallegri
Aldrighi puppets
The Divine emotion. Sirmione Callas 21 23
Traditional puppet shows with characters from the commedia dell’Arte.
Valerio Saccà, a pupil of Daniele Cortesi and Giacomo Onofrio, writes, sculpts his puppets in fragrant pine wood, paints the backdrops and directs them.
Undisputed star of his shows, as well as Brighella and Arlecchino, and ’Meneghin Pecenna, Meneghino.
This ancient mask is often made to descend from Menego del Ruzzante even if it is characterized more at the end of the seventeenth century with Carlo Maria Maggi where he becomes a bourgeois hero, a character who always acts in the right and never for personal convenience. He also distances himself from the classic servant for courage and goodness.

Tuesday 20 July at 9:30 pm, Parco San Vito
Trading cards
Tok workshops
The Divine emotion. Sirmione Callas 21 23
Figurine tells the story of Luna.
Luna has a secret dream but she doesn’t know which one she is.
Luna is a female and as such she must dream of female things, everyone tells her, some even have the recipe to be able to create the right dream, the one that fits you perfectly, she tries and tries again but in her growth journey things do not they will go as everyone expects, because Luna has a dream of her own, but often the words to know how to tell your dreams collide with the expectations of all those around you. Luna is alone, this is the aspect on which the whole story revolves, proposing two levels of interpretation: one for the younger audience that tells of the search for the dream and one for a more adult audience that talks about the need to listen to this new generation.
Luna reconstructs her path by creating an album of stickers, where the protagonists are all the people
that helped her in her growth path. Because in the end, the myths are the people who help you
to grow.


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