Local dishes Sirmione

Local dishes Sirmione, products and wines of our land

The product on which the Garda cuisine is fish from the lake that constitutes the real asset. In Lake Garda you can fish for about forty different species of fish, mostly indigenous, but also landed from aquatic environments neighbors or artificially introduced for restocking. The most valuable and typical Garda species is carpione that found a suitable habitat only in lake Garda, a white salmonid fish nowadays rare; other lake Garda species are Luccio (pike), lake trout, coregone (whitefish), perch, sardines. We recommend to try the Aole salè, a little fish lake preserved in brine to consume cooked on the grill, sprinkle plenty of olive oil. Other local dishes Sirmione are noodles trout and asparagus, pasta with sardines, risotto with tench, trout carpaccio, cassata gardesana with extra virgin olive oil and many others all exquisite that you can easely find in many of Sirmione restaurants.